Our Commitment to Society and the Environment.

44 years ago, Proa Internacional was born as an importer and exporter of fishing products, eventually becoming a leader in Spain in refrigerated storage, freezing, and the distribution of seafood products.

It is through its management’s hard work and dedication that it bears fruit, achieving a team that reflects its ideas for a more sustainable world.

In July 2021, Proa Internacional earned the ISO 9001 certification, a merit achieved through the conviction of everyone involved in implementing the Quality Management System.

In its commitment to a more sustainable planet, Proa Internacional set another challenge for itself and has successfully obtained certification in ISO 50001, a standard that establishes requirements for maintaining and improving an energy management system to achieve continuous improvement in energy performance.

The union formed by the Quality and Environment department, along with the maintenance and energy monitoring area, makes it possible for Proa Internacional to be recognized with «ISO 50001 certification with the ability to demonstrate how energy is consumed in our value chain, increasing environmental performance. Similarly, it enables us to measure, compare, and present our progress in energy efficiency to stakeholders, complying with legal regulations, requirements, and quality standards, as well as certification audits.»

With the addition of this certification, Proa Internacional fulfills one of its main objectives by integrating responsible energy management into all processes, from purchasing energy with 100% renewable origin certification to energy-saving measures. It also allows for greater transparency by implementing best practices in energy management, optimizing energy performance systematically, and promoting more efficient energy management fully aligned with the organization’s culture and strategic objectives, helping to drive cultural change through awareness-raising actions and personnel training.

The implementation of this standard also enables Proa Internacional to achieve an optimal level in energy consumption, promoting best practices and strengthening responsible management with detailed analysis of energy flows and consumption models of the company, conveying all its efforts in this matter. In summary, ISO 50001 enables the reduction of energy consumption, minimization of the carbon footprint, and cost reduction by promoting sustainable energy use.

Our Certifications

ISO 9001

Proa Internacional stands out with ISO 9001 certification, ensuring excellence in quality management through standards, processes, and audits. They meet legal requirements and stakeholder expectations, guaranteeing optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

ISO 50001

Proa Internacional stands out with ISO 50001 certification, driving energy efficiency. Through responsible practices and precise analysis, they reduce consumption, minimize carbon footprint, and optimize costs, promoting sustainable energy use.

Sustainable Fishing MSC

Proa Internacional stands out with MSC certification, ensuring sustainable fishing. They adhere to rigorous standards to preserve marine resources, guaranteeing traceability and contributing to ocean conservation.

Prevention of Criminal Risks

Proa Internacional stands out with certification in Compliance for the Prevention of Criminal Risks, demonstrating its commitment to ethics, legal security, and transparency in all operations.

Others actions

Energy Efficiency

Proa Internacional advances towards sustainability with the support of the EU’s Next Generation funds. It implements energy efficiency measures, strengthening its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

Promotion of Youth Employment

Proa Internacional promotes young talent with the support of the EU’s Next Generation funds. It encourages hiring and professional development, strengthening its commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.