Since 1979 we are importers, exporters and distribuitors of fish and seafood products.

We are a global supplier we search all over the world, finding and analyzing the best seaproducts from our sea to our clients, guaranteeing the best quality.

Our Priority is to maintain the optimum quality levels of our products. We suply them according to our clients needs (whole fish, fillets, slices, etc.)

We work at nationally and internationally. To access the markets effectively we have a marketing a and distribution network strategically distributed throughout Europe and Asia.


We know that maintaining the higest quality, meeting delivery deadlines at competitive prices is not easy, but Proa International is doing it. The Key is: EXPERIENCE.

Experience to select the best products. Experience to choose the best producers and transporters in the world. Experience that allows us to offer, accordingly to the client’s need, our wide range of selected products.